Sankofa Plantain Chips

For our first range, we took the scrumptious, crunchy, buttery popular West African and tropical snack of plantain chips and evolved it by incorporating bold, locally inspired flavor profiles, and efficacious-aesthetic packaging.

Lightly Salted

This is the classic and traditional flavor for every kind of chip! No different here. Lightly Salted is made by infusing raw Atlantic sea salt with savory and buttery green plantain. This flavor brings the simplest and purest flavor out of the plantain. It is the most versatile and is no surprise that it remains so popular.

Spicy Sweet Chili

A popular and very familiar flavor profile, sweet chili is really a world fusion flavor. Taking inspiration from the African love of spicy and sweet. This takes a mildly tangy, sweetness, reminiscent of ‘prawn cocktail’ and pairs that with very little heat at the end. It’s an all-round favorite!

Chicken with Ginger and Garlic

This flavor profile takes a classic West African seasoning combo of ginger and aromatic garlic and infuses the umami flavor of a light roasted chicken. All dusted on a scrumptious, savory plantain chip.

Sweet Cinnamon

Just as the name suggests, it’s sweeeeeet and Cinnamony. Inspiration for this is taken from North Africans’ love of cinnamon in their cooking paired with some pure cane sugar and dusted on some ripe plantain. It’s a delicious treat for those with a real sweet tooth!

Smoked Chili Beef

This is one of our boldest flavors, inspired by the African love of smoked meats and chilies. The flavor takes a specially selected smoked chili, and infuses it with the deep dark flavor of a roast beef. This flavor blend is paired with the ripe plantain chip for a smoky, spicy and pleasantly sweet taste, making for a truly bold flavored chip…it certainly packs a kick!

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free from artificial flavors

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