We make crispy, scrumptious, african magic

Sankofa Snacks is the home of munchilicious African inspired snacks.

We work to create evolved, yet authentic and nutritious alternative snacks using the best quality ingredients from around the continent.

Beyond delivering scrumptiousness, our mission is also to develop, grow and share the African cultural narrative through the creative arts, with The Sankofa Revivolute Project (S.R.P.).

Sankofa Plantain Chips

For our first range, we took the scrumptious, crunchy, buttery popular West African and tropical snack of plantain chips and evolved it by incorporating bold, locally inspired flavor profiles, and efficacious-aesthetic packaging.

we keep it real!

All our irresistibly delicious products are…


cholesterol free

free from artificial colors

free from artificial preservatives


free from artificial flavors

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